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Analogue Photography | Places

Medvedi, In Honor Of Spring Exhibition | Belgrade 2016

This is a collaboration with Nefeli Steirou, created in February 2016 for Medvedi – In Honor Of Spring, an exhibition curated by Marko Ulic, Milica Mrvic and Manja Lekic, presented at the Belgrade City Museum in Serbia. It is a typology composition using bears as a common element in order to capture the spirit of the Athenian spring as interpreted by people of various professional backgrounds living and working in Athens.

 photos by Ljiljana Božović, Marko Mrvić, Dzenet-Koko-Jennspectiv

participants: Marisa Soulioti (stage designer), Nefeli Steirou (illustrator/costume designer) Than Tsoumas (video artist), Cooglis (UI/UX designer), Stathis Doganis (cultural digital media curator), Nancy Kostakopoulou (new media editor), Anna Chalikia (theater historian/practitioner), Myrto Steirou (photographer)

EXCITING NEWS: The exhibition will be traveling to Slovenia!! From the 24th of November until the 23rd of December 2016 you can see the works at the Poligon Gallery in Ljubljana.

Participation in Documena Exhibition | Athens 2016

Documena (Δοκούμενα) is a project that seeks to respond to how contemporary art production engages with the intense European crisis, bringing together researchers, artists, activists, performers, academics and others in an attempt to provide answers to artistic – political questions of our milieu.

Handmade fabric coasters & bookmarks

Buttons and Ribbons

Personal DIY project, working with different fabrics and materials, creating various designs of brooches and necklaces.

Martin Creed “Like Water At A Buffet”


Dancers : Vivie Boutati, Myrto Charitaki and Christina Reinhardt, Dancing Support: Martha Passakopoulou and Nefeli Skarmea, Production contributors: Rob Eagle, Katerina Kouni, George Sampsonides, Marisa Soulioti, Christine Tzevelekou, Curators: Dr Sozita Goudouna and Nefeli Skarmea


Analogue Photography | People

Autumn Circles | 2011


A collection of hand-made jewelery that was created as a personal project. Lines of magazine pages rolled into beads and then transformed into various designs. The collection includes different sizes of necklaces, rings, brooches and earrings.

Film Props | The Chair

A futuristic armchair created on April 2014 for a short film written and directed by IRIS CHASSAIGNE for FAMU International

Litter/ature | animation short | 2010

This video is a student project I created back in 2010. It’s a short animation film about an animator working on a story about garbage. When he turns his back, the scraps from his illustrations, his own garbage, come to life and decide to take a tour of the studio and get to know all the other strange and wondrous things that surround their creation. The song is “Des Visages Des Figures” by Noir Desir to which i hold no copyrights.